Wednesday, 20 April 2016

poll update

First of all I have been quite busy of late so limited writings.More of that later perhaps

However this must be talked about. Naturally Kevin Bonham is a must read.As is Mark the Ballot

The libs would still win but there would be no joint sitting!!

A few points on the polls.

  • People like Malcolm when he was above the fray both as Opposition leader and now as PM. They decidedly get less impressed when he gets down and dirty into politics. They do not like Abbott impersonations!  This is not the biggest thing in his slide but it is relevant.
  • I see Essential have Chris Bowen beating Scott Morrison as who the public would like as Treasurer. He does not appear to be on top of his portfolio nor does he appear different to when he fronted up as Immigration minister.Bluster does not get you far as a Treasurer. No more thoughts od Scott as a potential leader now.
  • Those on the 'right' do not like Turnbull at all and treat him almost as the Leader of the ALP. Whether it be Andrew Bolt , Alan Jones et al. A Liberal loss would boost their 'significance'!
I should have added three more things
  1.  These polls have been conducted when people know there will be a July 2 election
  2.  Political strategists hate winter polls. If the day is cold and even rainy they think it exacerbates swings against the government Ye they are superstitious!
  3. A long campaign is not good for governments. Think Bob Hawke and 1984. Can Turnbull do better than Hawke and can his team learn from it?