Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Turnbull and Newspoll

Well the collective 'conservative' hounds have been barking loudly since the Newspoll came out.

Here is Antony Green helpfully to assist us understand it.

Note this please " This is the Coalition's worst Newspoll result since Malcolm Turnbull became leader. Alternatively, it is a better result for the Coalition than achieved through almost eighteen months of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister."

Well I didn't read that anywhere else. Probably because people such as Steve Kates, Andrew Bolt , Alan Jones are innumerate.
the Liberals were gone to gowings with Abbott. They have an actual chance with turnbull.

Here is Antony on the possible implications of a double dissolution.

On a related issue Michaelia Cash  dresses like she is from Vaucluse and talks like she comes from Mt Druiitt!!!!