Monday, 11 April 2016

A Royal Commission into the Banks

A Royal Commission into the banks is great politics.

Everyone has a tale about the bastardtry of the banks with regard to deposits. loans, insurance or financial advice.
A Royal Commission would show all and sundry how tardy the Banks have been with regard to their services and how over-paid their executives have been as well. It would also show how poor they have been at their jobs!
Moreover it is apolitical. It is not a witch hunt to get at one side of politics as Tony Abbott did on not one but two occasions.

Bill Shorten has handled this superbly. His confidence is definitely on the rise. Turnbull on the other hand is made to look an apologist for the banks showing yet again his political judgement is questionable. His only positive is at this stage his judgement is nowhere near as bad as Abbott's was.