Tuesday, 5 April 2016

things from attempting to be on Jury Duty

Parramatta court is way different to downing street.
Whereas I was simply part of the large anglo saxon brew there I stood out like the proverbial shag on a rock at Parramatta where most appeared to come from the western suburbs.

first case was where an African immigrant was accused of dealing drugs.

I was one of three that were challenged by the defence.  All three were understandable. One was a young lady who had tied to get excused because her boss would want her to work after this case.
another was a patently middle class middle manager who has been to University and who probably had kids. As I said I was an ageing middle class white Anglo Saxon male.

I was the last called and I told the man next to me who would be challenged. After we went back to the big room and I told him my reasons he though it was so easy he wondered why he hadn't thought of it.

The second trial was dreadful. A man accused of terrible things with his own kids less than ten. About 15 people was allowed by the judge to be excused from the case. I was called again . This time the crown challenged two people as did the defence. I had great relief when the Defence counsel challenged me as I anticipated.  I did not understand the challenges to the other three.

The odd bit from the day was I wanted Channel 9 taken off the screens from the ;large room all potential jurors were on. Ellen was on and Simply said it was TV for morons.
They said they could not do that. I then proposed they turn off two screens in the corner so people could have some silence whilst they read or do work on their laptops etc.
They said they could not do that either.


I should have said but didn't I doubt very much whether I will ever serve on a jury in Parramatta court. I will if in downing Street.