Monday, 7 March 2016

Christians and Politics

I take the view if you are a Christian then there is no point going into politics unless you are going to be like William Wilberforce.

An ambitious Christian is an oxymoron. Joseph's conduct in Egypt is what Christians should aspire to in all aspects of life.

In recent times we have had in Australia John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott all tell us very loudly how they were Christians.

However when I observe their conduct then I see little difference between them and Julia Gillard who most definitely was not a Christian.

This to me tells me if people who claim to be Christian go into politics then they succumb to worldly views very early and they always supersede biblical views.
Moreover the offices of both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott were not known for working in a Christian environment.

Therefore it seems to me if a person is a Christian and wants to remain living to those views politics is most certainly not a place to go to.