Sunday, 6 March 2016

Abbott/Credlin who cares?

In a new book it is alleged quite a few people believed Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin were having an affair. Steve from Brisbane has been banging on this for quite some time.

There have been rumours about Prime minsters having affairs outside marriage since Harold Holt was PM.

The only credence I would put on them is Holt, yes, Gorton and Hawke most definitely . all the rest no.

In a political sense who cares. I would agree their morality is shown to be of a very low ebb and of the three only Hawke was a good if not outstanding PM but in politics the only thing that matters is does it affect Australian polity.

to me what is important out of the book is that both Abbott and Credlin were at the time and still are utterly delusional.Abbott thinks he can do a Churchill. say no more.

It is important to note that each time Abbott make a public effort in recent times either to defend the government he led or criticise the present government he was shown to be utterly wrong whether it be the fiscal position or submarines.

When history is written the worst thing the ALP did in government was to allow Abbott to become the worst PM in our history ( or perhaps second worst after Bruce). It does show just how poor politicians they were,