Monday, 21 March 2016

A double dissolution?

Well it appears Malcolm Turnbull surprised a lot of people with is recall of parliament after it was prorogued. Rather strange if these two bills are so important the government did not bring up their importance when Parliament was sitting.

M'Lord Parish writes about this here.Also read his thoughts on this as well.

It seems to me if the Opposition is determined they could easily make it hard for the finance bills to go through both houses.
On this and other related items see Antony Green. Here and here.
A good explainer here as well.

I have to say I do think most people will not change and any Government will not have a majority in the Senate. If Nick Xenophon has a ticket in NSW then I shall be voting for that. I shall vote for the Liberals again in the lower house despite a deplorable candidate and then vote for the ALP in the election after that assuming they lose this one.

Turnbull great weakness is he can be too smart by half , Add his shocking political judgement then the election could well be more interesting than most think.