Monday, 28 March 2016

72 has some old but enjoyable viewing

In Sydanee we have several free to air networks. One is channel 7.

 72 is one of the channels the 7 network has and purely by chance I got to watching some shows on the channel and also by chance I got to watch more. Here are my thoughts on some.

A Touch of Frost. an oldie but a goodie. Jack Frost ( I kid you not) is a liable Detective Inspector. Has had some fine guest stars along the way such as Philip Jackson of Poirot fame.

Endeavour  A really great show showing the young Inspector Morse in action. Much much better than Morse.

The Last Detective. Peter Davison known for All Creatures Great and Small and Doctor Who is fantastic as a old fashioned but honest detective.

Jonathan Creek. I saw bits of this on Channel 2 at first but i have started to watch this from the beginning and still enjoyable.

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. A man of noble means joins the police force and has a working class gal as a partner. Enjoyable to view.

Judge John Deed  . Over-rated. Never thought much of Martin Shaw as an actor. He as a lefty high court judge with title who beds almost any woman he meets was simply ridiculous. Passed up after a few episodes.

Murdoch Mysteries  No not why an elderly unattractive man keeps on getting married but a Canadian detective in the late 19th century in Toronto Canada, Only problem is the half hour episodes. Not long enough to develop the theme.

Inpsector Morse.  Like Martin Shaw I never has time for John Thaw as an actor however his sidekick Lewis made the series for me.

Lewis. He gets his own series and it is really enjoyable. his offsider studied theology at Oxford and is quite the intellectual and  poor socially but they make a great team. Still like viewing the repeats.

The Indian Doctor. An Indian doctor turns up in a welsh village. Interesting series and his wife is a stunner!