Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Double Dissolution would be couragoues

It seems as though Malcolm wants a double dissolution.

The precedents are not good.
Consider the following:

  • The precedents are not good . One only has to look at when Government changed in the northern Territory and Western Australia to see that.
  • They have no reason. Do you know what the trigger is?
  • The punters do not like going to the polls early. risky.
  • The punters do not like voting in winter particularly if it is raining.
  • Threatening a double dissolution when you are falling in the polls simply does not make sense.
  • A long campaign is usually bad for the government. Ask Bob Hawke.
  • You would need to bring on the budget earlier than usual. The ALP could make merry in Parliament and quite possibly deny the government the means to an early election.
Normally I would vote to keep the same Government but an early election would see me vote the opposite way.

What do I think will occur?  Turnbull has traditionally had poor judgement so?I thin he will go early.