Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Magnificent Wanderers

The Western Sydney Wanderers won the Asian Champions league on Sunday morning.
After winning in the first leg 1-0 they hung on to draw the second leg 0-0 to win over the two legs.

As in any sports game they did have the luck going their way and the opposition obviously let the pressure get to them particularly when they could not convert any of their numerous chances into goals.

This club has only been going three years yet in those three years they have won the premiership and lost two grand finals. They easily have the best fanbase of any sporting team. The RBB are already a legend and more than a match for for football team in the world!
Indeed although both my sons are Fanatical Wanderers fans I go to the  matches just to soak up the atmosphere. It is something to behold.

The Wanderers get more fans to their matches than the Parramatta league team whose home ground it is!!

Well done Wanderers.