Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Technology affecting us?

I used to read a newspaper whilst listening to my ipod on the train but now I usually just listen to my ipod.
Whenever I look up I find that everybody else is looking at their phone presumably looking at e-mails or using social media.

I am old fashioned. I look at work e-mails at work and every so often look at my own there as well. I differentiate between work e-mails and my own. I do not let it get mixed up. Given jobs are so fluid having one e-email address just makes sense to me.

I have mentioned previously that technology is meaning more people are doing work at home instead of work i.e they are working longer hours. This means parents no longer turn up at their boys or even girls cricket matches in the mornings.

It also means shows like Insiders are now redundant. They possess  no inside knowledge. Indeed some viewers or even ex-viewers posses more knowledge on certain topics that the said insiders.

The one real positive of technology is amount of research you can do at your desk or chair at home.
I can remember sitting in University libraries reading a lot of papers, books, articles etc and then speaking to lecturers etc,

Technology means sports have a lot less paperwork to do with regard to results, who is playing etc. It makes competition draws much easier.

I guess in the end there are pluses and minuses.