Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Anecdotes on unpaid overtime

I see there is talk about unpaid overtime today.
I thought i would write about some experiences I have had.

I remember a very long time ago ( before e-mail but in-house mail was around) some people complained about me leaving at 5 p.m.
So I then gave everyone a morning brief each day with an intra-net summary. No complaints when they looked at the time it arrived at their desks so to speak.

I remember a really bad boss having a go at me for not having the mobile phone on during the weekend. I told him I wasn't working over the weekend so if he wanted to get in touch he could ring up on the landline.

The one that really brought it home was a job I was quite enjoying at the time. I had a project to do and told the boss on Friday when leaving the office it would be completed on Monday morning.
Consequently when on Monday I was completing the project the boss blew up because I hadn't completed it on the Weekend.
I told him I was busy on the weekend with cricket and other things and if he wanted me to work on the weekend then he would have to pay me.

My experience with Junior cricket at present has most of the parents doing work at home on the week-ends instead of being at the game and watching their boys.

It is a great shame and shows up how poor the management is at a lot of companies.