Saturday, 29 November 2014

It is times like this when it makes you proud you are an Asussie

Yesterday was a very important day in terms of the national psyche.
The nation remembered Phil Hughes a man who died in the prime of his life from a freak accident playing cricket the game l loved.

Phil Hughes was born in Macksville and his father grew bananas. I was born in the adjoining town of Bowraville many years beforehand and my Father was growing bananas then!

I coach a team and we started with silence for 63 seconds. ( Hughes was 63 when he died.) I had a batsman who was 20 not out and in about 20 minutes flashed past 50 with a century in his grasp.
He deliberately retired at 63.
All the players in the team had their bats on the fence with caps on. As it was Channel 9 was at the ground and filmed this.
When I asked my player why he did it he said it was a team thing and anyway 63 was more important score than 100.

Part of it is HERE

I had never felt more proud of my players.

At the match I umpired the Macquarie Uni Captain declared his innings 63 runs ahead. Macquarie won outright with 6.3 overs being bowled in the last innings!

In the A-League in the Melbourne Victory and Adelaide game spontaneous applause erupted in the 63rd minute. Banners were unfurled and it lasted 63 seconds.

In the Sydney derby between Sydney FC and the Western Sydney Wanderers amazing grace was sung by the RBB at the  63rd minute.

There were tears in spectators and players eyes in both games.

It really was an amazing day and it these events made you proud to be an Aussie!