Monday, 24 November 2014


This is fascinating.
First of all Abbott blatantly lies about ABC funding . We know this from the now infamous statement he made on SBS the night before the election.

What makes this worse ,as it always does, are the lies about the lying. The government still doesn't get it.

Then we get to the nub of the issue.

Why does the Australian have a front page editorial on this today.
Clearly they are threatened. Indeed it borders on the mark of intimidation.

It seems quite clear to me that many in the government are doing this a 'payback' for the ABC's biased view.
I have yet to see Abbott interviewed differently to Shorten. I never saw this in the past as well.

It reminds of a classic comment made at Catallaxy. When asked for evidence of bias at the ABC it was said it was all in Kerry O'Brien's body language.

Richard Alston attempted to show evidence and ended up with egg all over his face. the IPA put out a ridiculous paper on this as well.

I suspect this will merely exacerbate the Government's poll misfortunes. Steve from Brisbane may well be right if they continue on this way.