Monday, 21 July 2014

You know you are old when...

A long time ago I was a member of the Sydney Anglican diocese social issues committee.

Two people who were also on the committee were Margaret Rodgers and John McIntyre.

Margaret was a very easy person to know and to talk to. I was very sad to hear she had dies of a heart attack.  She actually interviewed me for the Anglican magazine. I was in the midst of co-writing a paper on Unemployment and was suddenly made redundant so I gained practical experience on the subject!

John and I were very unlikely friends. We never agreed on anything be it theology , economics or even the 'stolen generations'. However we enjoyed each other's company enormously. when he has made Bishop of Gippsland he told me I must visit him. Unfortunately something always cropped up and I never did.  
He dies recently of respiratory failure. he was only 62!
He found it strange that I was much more conservative than anyone in the Sydney Anglican hierarchy but I would always share a beer with him yet others wouldn't!

I will miss John.