Monday, 28 July 2014

Work for the dole is very very stupid

We heard yesterday plans for the government that people getting the dole ( to be accurate the dole doesn't exist anymore but you get the point) will need to not only 'work' for it but also show they have gone for 40 jobs during the month.

This is incredibly stupid policy. We already have evidence for this. One of the main reasons for this is that the programs do nothing about improving the skills of the person involved.
Getting a job is a very time consuming job in itself.
I have been lucky in that on the occasions I have been retrenched I have had outplacement facilties given to me.
When you get this the first and possibly only lesson you use is that it is only by using your network that you will gain a new job as the vast majority of jobs are not advertised.
You will drink a lot of coffees as you endeavour to achieve your goal.There are a lot of phone calls involved as well.
As you can see if you are 'working' for the dole then it must mean your chances of gaining that new job diminishes and indeed most studies of work for the dole show this.

In addition if you have to show evidence that you have applied ( and been rejected) for 40 jobs guess who has to do the paperwork. Yep, the business.

This idea is so stupid it could have only come about if Katesy or the Peroxide Princess advocated it!

Special Bonus by the Kouk on will-work-for-the-dole-increase-unemployment