Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hit and Myth in the Middle East

I was reading Chris Bertram's piece on the current state in Gaza when it occurred to me both Hamas ( wholly created by Israeli intelligence) and Israel both campaign on myths which simply do not make sense.

Hamas sends rockets into Israel. the 'Iron dome' system appears to be working well as the said rockets have not killed anyone as yet. Israel blows any rockets up that appear may hit areas of Israel that could hurt or kill people and let other rockets go if they simply blow up in the country side.
One might think Israel is lucky Hamas does not sophisticated weapons that Russian guerrillas use in the Ukraine.One might also ask why?

Israel claim they have to clamp down on these rockets to prevent any people getting killed.
Thus both parties are sending out and reacting to myths.

It is like when Israel says Hamas is committed the destruction of Israel. Yes they might have that aim but they do not have the means and never will.

As long as both sides argue about myths and not what actually happens nothing will ever change.

One thing is for certain neither 1948 nor 1967 can be excised from history.
Part of the solution would have been when Hamas won Government to encourage them to change like the IRA in northern Ireland. Israel went the other way.
That worked well!

Here's Peter Beinart