Sunday, 27 July 2014

Israel and Palestine

My eldest son asked me why there are problems with Israel and Palestine.
I replied each denies the humanity of the other. Thus when they murder people they feel no remorse indeed they wish to murder more.

The excuses of either side border on the pathetic.
Hamas fires rockets into Israel which in essence do nothing very much. For this hundreds perhaps thousands of their countrymen will dies if the existing situation is prolonged.

Israel acts as though the country is under threat. It isn't and never was. Yes a response to the firing of rockets must be found however it must be proportionate. Clearly the existing situation is anything but proportionate.

What is the solution?

Accept Hamas as the government and let them govern. This would mean they would have to change. Any increase in growth must come first through greater trade with Israel.
As Growth increases and people become materially better off they want a better standard of living, their own homes etc.

Firing rockets makes thus impossible hence it would stop. Hams would become more conservative and act like a government.
Just look at the IRA and Northern Ireland.