Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Carbon Price

The price on carbon ( note please it wasn't a tax although quite similar) is now gone.
Here are a few articles from Friday's Around the Traps.

Firstly the Kouk writes about the economics of the carbon price.

Next we have Hugh Saddler examining energy-markets/looking-back-two-years-price-emissions. Note that rising prices have changed consumption ( The ETS was only a small part of that.) Renewable energy has risen considerably.
Then we have Anna Skarbek and Franz Josko telling us we should be keeping-our-eyes-on-the-ball-is-the-only-way-to-hit-our-climate-target.
 In essence if you believe in clomate change you have either a carbon tax or an ETS. If you do not you have neither. 

Finally we find Peter Martin saying carbon-tax-going-but-dont-expect-big-savings. Tony Abbott is going to have MORE problems.

Bill Shorten has promised to have an ETS as part of his policy platform for the nest election. Some people think this is a vote loser.
I disagree for two reasons.
1) you can only mount a scare campaign before it is implemented. once the fixed price ETS was implemented it became a big yawn. it was unheard of in the last election.

2) A floating price ETS will probably be lower than the fixed price introduced after the 2010 election so it will have even less effect than minor effect the fixed price ETS had.

I might add when El Nino impacts Australia then climate change will again rise as a major issue in the public's mind.