Monday, 21 January 2013


Last week was fantastic.

My wife left to tour Vietnam with her mother. This meant I had the two boys at home.

We got the first three series of Castle out as well as the first series of the Mentalist.

Although the boys had seen the Mentalist I hadn't.

However none of us had seen the early series of Castle.

I am not going to get into a big description of Castle. That is much better done here.

When one views the three series one cannot but be impressed by a well written and well acted series. We were.

The dinner table was filled with conversations about different characters, how they developed, grew and changed.

Castle changes from an immature womaniser to a more responsible person. He is always a fun guy but  can be relied on in difficult circumstances. My wife tells me he is attractive. ( Isn't it interesting how guys can never  look at other guys and give comments on their looks but women can do it all the time about other women!).

Beckett is the smoking hot ( to quote my sons) Detective. She is clearly a workaholic and thus driven. We find out this is all to due with her mother's murder. It is interesting in the first series she has short hair and it looks frumpy. The hairstyle gradually changes through series two until she has it right in series three.
This means after she shows her abilities she is allowed to look 'hot'.
Her Mum's murder leads her to only dating guys she is never in love with.

One interesting thing is that once it is apparent to both Castle and Beckett they love each other they rarely have sex with the person they are 'dating'.
They both have trouble telling the other of their feelings We learn this happened once before with Beckett at University!

The other characters are all interesting as well.
Roy Montgomery who dies in the last episode of Series 3 is in charge.
The two detectives under Beckett are Esposito and Ryan. They are 'Bros' and both are interesting.

Perhaps the two characters that are the least interesting are Castle's mother and daughter.

Here is an example of Castle

I realise I have left three things out.
First David Dale at the SMH believes the Mentalist and Castle are very similar.

This is complete cobblers.
Patrick Jane in the Mentalist is a loner out for revenge. He figures out who murders the victim. He is humourless.

Whereas in Castle it is a 50/50 effort with both people assisting each other to catch the murderer.
 Castle and Beckett realise they have feelings for each other there is no love interest in the Mentalist.

Second a number of plots in Castle are funny. Ghosts, People from outer space, Vampires, Zombies, Psychics etc.  The Mentalist is not funny indeed in a number of plots it is quite dark.

Thirdly The only similarity, as I found out from my sons ,is that a number of actors have played the murderer in both the Mentalist and Castle. Hence they knew before me who the murderer was!
( Fourth as my boys say and I totally agree Beckett is smoking hot whilst Lisbon is not!)

I should I wanted to see more once I had seen all the episodes ( none were boring). It was like reading a book. you cannot put it down. in this case I simply had to watch the episodes.

Whoopsy. the best episode thus far. Perhaps the last episode in Series 3. It is where Roy Montgomery dies ( he was a favourite of mine.) Beckett and  Castle at last confront their feelings, Beckett is shot. Drama at its best.

A totally enjoyable experience more so as I could do it with my sons.

I will say when the series ends I will be sad and feel like I am missing something. I felt like that when Hill St Blues finished.

what you never watched Hill St Blues? for shame for shame.

The greatest theme music ever.


I am going to start a new tradition. I am going to watch Castle DVDs over the Christmas break.
I couldn't do it any other time. Too much work to make up!

And yes Stana Katic has now zoomed ahead of Catherine Bell in the most beautiful woman I have seen. It is all about the hairstyle!