Thursday, 17 January 2013

Around the Traps 18/01/13

From now on I will on Friday, where possible, really on interesting articles around the blogosphere.

Here we go then:
  • Adam Posen looks at Japan and says it should rethink its stimulus. ( warning on the FT.)
  • Brad De Long looks at his high frequent reading list of blogs
  • Harry Clarke gets quite angry about climate change liars
  • Jeffrey Sachs thinks the WSJ needs a fact checker
  • Jonathon Portes looks at a 500 page EC report on Labour markets and finds 6 key lessons
  • Michael Froomkin believes  US incarceration rates are out of control
  • Jeffrey Frankel has a guest appearance at econbrowser
  • David Glasner writing a little more on low real interest rates
  • Simon Wren-Lewis on safe assets and government debt. Look at the previous article as well.
  • Noah Smith offers a few thoughts on depression ( mental not economic).
  • The marvellous David Altig looks at the US labour market
  • Sinclair Davidson finds new ways to define sovereign risk. He did the same thing with stagflation but got it horribly wrong.
  • Grog's Gamut looks at climate change and productivity. ( My boys tell me I had the last link on this one originally.) Read the drum article as well.
  • Kevin Bonham looks at Morgan face to face and excessive bouncing
  • Mark the Graph is on blog holiday. No good