Thursday, 24 January 2013

Around the Traps 25/1/13

Here we go,

  • NGDP targeting is on the agenda.David Altig is still a sceptic ( as I am) however David Glasner looks at it with open eyes after Charles Goodhardt passed sceptical comment.
  • He also looks at the social cost of finance. Read Noah Smith's linked piece as well.
  • John Quiggin examines trouble in paradise. (ease up on Jim Rose John!) Naturally Sinclair Davidson disagrees. He is also sneaky with Depression facts but I will pass that to the keeper!
  • Noah Smith has an interesting piece (tautology?) on macroeconomics. Simon Wren-Lewis takes it differently.
  •  Brad De Long reads Oulton and Sebastian-Barriel and finds more evidence to use fiscal policy when Keynes said so and not to use it when he said not to use it. ( My words not his).
  • Kruggers find a lack of spending in the USA here and here.
  • Jonathon Portes debates debt ratios
  • Mark Thoma finds US fiscal policy is not in crisis.
  • econbrowser's links. Calculated Risk ( Bill McBride) worth a read. He has the best unusual graphs as well. 
  • Peter Dorman  looks at mitigation vs adaption in climate change
(apologies for some small problems.I had to get my wife from the airport today so time was precious.)
  • ricardianambivalence  looks at how people are viewing RBA actions
  • Lord Keynes finds another country other than Germany that recovered from the great depression
Should have added these two as well!