Thursday, 10 January 2013

Around the traps

even in the early new year there is some interesting stuff out there.

  • Noah Smith ( noahopinion) is on fire.Look at the side-bar and catch a few of the threads
  • So is Simon Wren-Lewis ( mainly macro). Do the same
  • There is a guest opinion at econbrowser on the myth of jobless recoveries
  • David Glasner on low real interest rates
  • Philip Lane  gives us the IMF study on fiscal profligacy ( okay here it is) and the EC on forecasts
  • Andrew Gelman looks at a few interesting statistical things
  • Kruggers looks at Calyfornya but read the link on why the structural part of budget is becoming more cyclical. Really interesting 
  • John Quiggin realises Catallaxy is full of idiots
  • Nick Rowe examines the Bank of Canada's record
  • Brad De Long  on our Justin Wolfers on why certain Republican shills still have a reputation