Thursday, 31 January 2013

Around the traps 1/2/13

For anyone knew I regularly ,every Friday, look at the more interesting posts around the blog.

I mightn't agree with them but they do make you think!

  • Chris Dillow finds support for Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Okay he doesn't say that but it sure looks like it.
  • Matthew Yglesias finds with negative real interest rates it makes sense to issue debt  not to tax
  • Noah Smith looks at jobless recoveries and irrational expectations. ( Mate get a new picture!)
  • Can I remind everyone of the excellent article on Statistics Noah wrote with Andrew Gelman also around which I wrote about a few days ago.
  • Ricardianambivalence believes the RBA should cuts rates (so do I) BUT tips they won't
  •  john Taylor provides fodder for both the always interesting David Glasner  ( David tells us of an -ebook by two commenters of his on Market Monetarism) and of course Kruggers
  • Both Jim Hamilton and Menzies Chin examine the advance estimate of the December quarter GDP figures in the USA. ( I have always found it useless to look at the advance estimate as some of the more important items are forecasts!)
  • Simon Wren-Lewis looks at when formal monetary targets are useful.
  • Kevin Bonham looks at JWS research and the marginal seats. ( BOOKMARK THIS BLOG GIVEN THE ELECTION IS ON SEPTEMBER 14).
  • Sinclair Davidson and Simon Breheny show they do not understand the difference between an exposure draft and a drafted bill.
  • Andrew Elder tries to find the Real Tony
  • Frances Woolley looks at poor whites in South Africa re Apartheid
  • jazzbumpa examines US spending and revenues and find out the Republicans are not telling the truth
  • Barkely Rosser on Juan Cole on 10 Benghazi myths
  • niamh(?) on European austerity. Can you believe it? Steve Kates is badly wrong again!