Monday, 7 May 2018

The A-League Grand Final

A couple of short articles today.
The A-League Grand final was a tremendous success. The almost fairy tale finish of the Newcastle Jets made the whole week quite remarkable for football.
The atmosphere on the night was electric and then of course we had the  problem of the VAR.
I thought the Jets were the better team on the night but do not begrudge the Victory their win. Their goal-keeper was simply outstanding and their whole defence was very good in the second half.Indeed I was a tad surprised that the Jets did not come up with tactics to overcome their highly predictable defensive set up.

I was disappointed in the Referee who allowed some tackles he most certainly did not during the season. The linesmen were more disappointing as they have been for some time.

I have said previously the VAR is not compatible with a flowing game like the beautiful game. Fancy having a breakdown just when it was needed ( sarc intended).

Overall a great way to end the season. On that read Roy Hay.

My thinking is that the FFA should tell Wellington their time is up and then give us three new teams from perhaps Wollongong, Geelong and Canberra.