Monday, 14 May 2018

The By-elections and all that

There are a few things to discuss on this topic.

First there is the STUPID RULING.
Next  is the MYTH OF 1911. I couldn't believe that Insiders and other places were so ignorant.
Lastly we need to know how swings go when the an Opposition seat is up for grabs at a by-election. We of course go to KEVIN BONHAM.

Now we are in a position  to make cogitate on this subject.
In previous by-elections on this issue the punters have given the Court of Disputed Returns the finger.
Will they continue to do this? On the surface you would expect them to do so after all all four (previous) mp's had a good right to think they were okay in lieu with Sykes V Cleary as we have seen before however their electorates may not think like that now.

We shall see

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