Sunday, 6 May 2018

Catallaxy is at it again

Oh dear, no wonder they support Trump. The writers lie brazenly like him and thee people who comment are as ignorant as him!

First let us examine Sinkers. He is at it again in saying the last ALP Government has plenty of revenue. He is a master of using a kernel of truth when using the big lie. He is a master Goebbelsist!

He uses dollar revenues which anyone who has studied economics is garbage. Revenues should always rise. Whether they are strong or weak can essentially only be determined by examining the revenues relative to GDP.
The lowest Receipts got to as a % of GDP  when the Liberals were in Government was 24.9%.
It didn't get within cooee of this when the ALP was in power. Indeed it only got to levels seen when Paul Keating was Prime Minister.
HERE I showed his dishonesty in 2015. I used tax as a % of GDP where here I am using Receipts here.)
Wow Sinkers is at it again on taxable income. This dreary claim that people on modest taxable incomes benefit from negative gearing. Taxable income is income AFTER you have claimed tax deduction like negative gearing!

Second let us examine Alan Moran again. He does not like Kerry Schott stating the obvious which is renewables based power stations are cheaper to build and operate then coal powered stations.
He first says they are being built overseas so they should be built here wow great economic argument that one.
Next he says the mineral council has analysis that shows  new coal power plants could be built with the price being 40 MWh. Only one problem. no-one believes it. No investor , no financier, No-one. Lets face it if the Minerals Council was anywhere near the mark the plants would be being announced helter skelter.
He then has a go at her CV except he does not know it. I know she worked at BT Australia but Moran does not. It wasn't on Wikipedia!!
He says she has little experience in energy matters. Huh
She a Chairman of the board for a company in the electricity industry BEFORE her appointment to the Energy Security Board. She has an illustrious background in working in both the public and private sectors. She can certainly understand if investment projects add up or not
If only Al had the background and experience.

He also implies she was responsible for two undesirable things whilst at Sydney Water and then electricity ( how she could do this but not understand the electricity market only big Al can understand). does he not know the government in both cases told her of the policy?  He must know that she works under government policy

Three woeful articles which are easily refuted. It is quite obvious no-one who writes at Catallaxy cares two hoots about their reputation because they shred them each time they write.
moreover writing to such a dumb downed crowd makes then all lazy. Add Sinkers of banning anyone who disagrees except for a token ( I'm looking at you M0nty) despite being a great believer of free speech ad that no-one from Catallaxy wanders out at all and engages people at other blogs and you get a classic case of a echo chamber a pretty stupid one at that.