Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The 'Cricket reaction' is over the top

Steve Smith is not the first skipper to be found guilty of tampering with the ball. He is the first to admit it though.
I have heard people wanting the three involved being suspended from anything from life to a year.

This is way over the TOP.
The ICC suspended smith for ONE test match.
I said previously I thought the punishment that fitted the crime was missing a whole test series. Nothing more and nothing less. A year ban is nothing short of ridiculous.

Let us get this whole affair in proportion.
What also should occur is the behaviour  of both the ACB and the umpires.

How how the ACB allowed the appalling behaviour of the players to continue so long without a mutter.

how have the umpires allowed it?

The spirit of cricket entails RESPECT for the Opposition. The Australian team have rarely shown this.

What a pity we cannot copy out Kiwi cousins who lose and win with dignity!

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