Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Cricket Australia is a joke

The board of Cricket Australia and the CEO have to go.
They continued to bury their heads in the same when the Australian team played where sledging was taken to a higher level.
It appeared they had never heard of showing respect to your opponent.
Now when this woeful culture problem in the Australian dressing room comes to its natural conclusion they shout in loud voices this is all dreadful.
The most dreadful thing is the rank hypocrisy.

Was James Sutherland thinking of the good of the  games when he made his various news conference or was he thing of shrinking future revenue streams?

How did the punishment fit the crime?  A year long ban? They did not try and fix a match for petes sake.

One comes to the natural conclusion the punishment came about because of Sponsor problem. It had nothing to do with the crime.

Get rid of all of them please!

I should add one more thing. A punishment way out of proportion to the crime is more likely to lead to psychological problems for those being punished.  Has CA done anything  to help all three cricketers?  I very much doubt it.

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