Sunday, 18 March 2018

An ABC rant

Lots to talk about today but after Umpiring yesterday in 39 degree heat I thought a soft touch was warranted.

I thought this show was over-rated previously when Gerard Whateley ran it except when Gideon Haigh was on . The new Host Kelli Underwood has no personality at all. The 'expertsd are not so expert. I ain't taping it again.

I have said previously the 'insiders have no special insights that surprise me at all. however Fran Kelly has seen her day. You do not have to be attractive to be on it but at least you need some understanding of the subject. I am afraid after this many years she still prone to say something is significant if a poll is 1 or 2 points different. I afraid she does not understand the term margin of error. I have said previously Hamish McDonald asks far more penetrating questions when he fills in for her.

Speaking of great talent I caught Chris Bath filling in for Richard Glover. She is terrific. Her personality oozes out of the radio.
The other person who surprises me is Philip Adams. Get on a topic that is of interest and it is great radio.

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