Wednesday, 21 March 2018

A Couple of Good Shows on the ABC

Unforgotten has come back for a second season and it is terrific.
Very briefly A person is discovered dead and then found to be murdered after a considerable amount of time.
The police team find out whom he or she was 'friendly' with and gradually find out several suspects all  of whom could have been the murderer.
They eventually find the murderer of course. It is well written, well acted. The suspects are particularly good.

I was looking forward to Harrow as I am a great fan of Ion Gruffud. He is a forensic pathologist ( shades of Forever). It is Australian and unfortunately neither the writing nor the acting is as good as Unforgotten however there was a distinct improvement by the second episode.

 Gruffud is the standout in this series and I am hoping the improvement continues.

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