Sunday, 21 January 2018

One Year of Trump and the politics of impeachment

We have had one year of Trump now . Doesn't it seem like a decade.
Conservatives are by far the best critics of Trump. Funny enough John Quiggin has a short article on this.
By far the most devastating critique on Trump was the article written by Tom Nicholls
I really cannot add to it and so won't.

What I might do is talk about impeachment.
Trump could be impeached now. He could have been on his very first day. He has no sort any approval for the foreign monies he gets. Remember Obama had to when he received his nobel prize.
However impeaching a President needs a solid and good reason not a technical one.
The Republicans found this out when they tried to impeach Bill Clinton. The electorate clearly thought the reason to impeach him and thus in essence 'sack ' him was not really important.
I do think if you are going to impeach a President and thus remove him you need a reason which shows he is clearly unfit to remain in office.
Whilst Trump's behavioiur is disgraceful it is no different to the behaviour he exhibited during the campaign. Also he also clearly showed during the campaign he was no 'einstein'.

If the Democrats get the numbers to impeach they will need n issue that the electorate agrees is something that cannot be allowed.
The Mueller investigation may find this  and of course it may not!!

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