Sunday, 7 January 2018

Imagine if Trump were competent and intelligent

Donald Trump is not very smart. My theory is that is has a lot to do with his age.He is losing his cognitive skills quickly. However as we have seen obviously he was no deal maker so it could well be he has always walked on the coat tails of more talented  underlings. ( His contribution to the Art of the Deal was most probably minimal.)
 We do know he knows how to market himself. Indeed IMHO his presidential bid was all about boosting the brand Donald Trump.

His term as President thus far has been one of chaos, incompetency and a mind that cannot understand basic issues.

Now imagine if Trump had a sharp mind and was competent. Matt Yglesias comes close to thinking the  unthinkable but goes a wee bit overboard.

Why so. Even though Trump is if not about destroying institutions certainly changing them they are well advanced in the US society. The Supreme Court will overrule him if he does things legally.
The FBI and Security agencies are doing their jobs despite the immense pressure being put on them by Trump.
Also important here is that the USA has had democracy for some time. Trump only has support with people who simply will not change their votes. He is distinctly unpopular.

An intelligent and competent Trump would be in a far superior position to do things but of course if he were so he would change quite a few policies!!

You want proof that Trump is stupid. Only a moron would sat a cold snap in Northern America means Climate change is not occurring. He is confusing climate and weather.

He says he has reduced the national debt.Obama did this 6 times. It is a seasonal thing.