Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Alan Moran gobbelising again

Alan Moran from Catallaxy has another rant on renewable energy.

In the main in revolves around two spurious arguments.
First is that renewables are subsided and that EXISTING coal power is cheaper. Please note there is nothing at all about coal producing negative externalities to society. This includes both pollution and increasing carbon emissions.
What would normally occur in this context is a government would impose a carbon tax ( which we have not had) or and ETS ( which we have had).
Since we do not have either then  ipsofacto there must be a subsidy so renewables  can compete on a even 'football field'.

Secondly Moran again produces the dodgy Minerals Councils 'research' to promote new coal fired stations. We must note that this research is totally contrary to that produced in the Finkel Report.

Who is right?

Well if the Minerals Council and Moran are correct then investors would be running over each other to build new coal fired power plants. Are they? In a word no. And Alan Moran claims to believe in markets!!

Neither investors nor financiers are looking towards new coal fired power stations. That is because the costs of new coal powered power stations are much more costly than for renewables.
They are poor in hot weather as we saw earlier this week, and not good for dispatchable power.
If you use coal powered stations you must produce a hall of a lot more power than is needed. Not very efficient.

We need to award Alan Moran the Goebbels award for this month for misleading articles!

Whoopsy I should have added how the reason for electricity rises by Moran and David Blowers is so remarkably different.

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