Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Murder on the Orient Express

I went with my wife last night to the Cinema ( at Macquarie Centre  if you wish to know ro watch Murder on the Orient express.

I was curious to see how Kenneth Branagh would plat Poirot. It jusdt didn't seem a character he could do. Perhaps David Suchet did such a brilliant job of it in the wonderful TV series.
however Branagh being Branagh does a very good characterisation of Poirot. nothing at all like Suchet but very good nonetheless.
Indeed the this movie version is easily the best I have watched probably because it has a cracker of a cast with performances much better than you would expect from some of them which I include Johhny Depp and Michelle Five for  ( I am a cricket fan afterall!!)
some of the scenery is simply out of this world and the cinematography equally so.

I highly recommend the movie.

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