Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Yassim Abdel Magied

I do not know much about this woman apart from her totally absurd statement that Islam is the most feminist of religions. I guess that is why women are immigrating on mass to Saudia Arabia!!

On Anzac day she put out a twitter message that said lest we forget. Nauru, Mannus Syria, Palestine.

Two things occurred
The very people who want section 18c from the Human Rights legislation deleted from law started to say her utterances were a disgrace. Please note no-one I have read have said why they were a disgrace. We should note the utter hypocrisy of these people who are the usual suspects.

The other thing was these people wanted the young lady sacked from various jobs she had including one being a part-time presenter person who works occasionally on contract and on a casual basis at the ABC.  Given she was not commenting on behalf of the ABC nor did she do so when on the air the only thing that would occur if the ABC did the baying pack's wishes is to lose badly an unfair dismissal case.

Let us just go back and examine what she said. She made the comment on Twitter thus she did not elaborate on what she meant.. I do not get why Syria or Palestine is linked with Nauru or Mannus.

I have known quite a few diggers in my time , all unfortunately all dead, and they all would have been mortified if you told them they were fighting to ensure people who were fleeing persecution or even their own life were to be put in gaol in another country instead of allowing them to live peacefully here.

How ironic a silly muslim woman would seen to understand more about the anzac spirit than those who keep on saying how patriotic they are!

Can't disagree with Richard Ackland