Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Bathurst was a bewdy!!

I have been away for a few days as my youngest son played for Epping Boys High school in the Davidson shield. It is a competition where all high schools in NSW.
They played in the final against Figtree for comprehensive schools and won. Actually they won well.
They then played against Endeavour Sports high school who specialise in sport. They again won well.
The Captain hit two 70s and captained well. Yes my son played well as well.

Tuesday night was a merry time at the Family hotel in Bathurst and the boys had a hoot coming back in the bus on Wednesday after making history.

A fantastic two days.

No with quite few responsible parents , two teachers and a retired teacher who drove the bus no boy was drinking alcohol. No licenced premises is going to allow underage boys drink alcohol at their premises.

All the adults as well drank responsibly. I had one lite beer and a glass of red with my pasta.

Both my boys spent the night at Blayney with their sole remaining grandparent. Didima in bengali.

No radio except when we were driving and no internet. I had 65 personal e-emails when I go back home!! Aghh.

My youngest son actually rang in to 2GB and talked about an issue with Ben Fordham. It was about alleged racism at a day care centre. If you spoke english you did not get in. He pointed out dark skinned parents who spoke english would not be allowed whilst say a European who could not speak english could. Hence it was not about race but whether you could speak english.

Why are my sons listening to this station???

further update:

In both matches , first one at George1 and the last at the sportsground Epping lost the toss and batted. Despite the opposition believing they would roll them easily Epping hit just over 200 runs in 40 overs in both matches. They had them 3 or 4 down for around 70-80 runs at drinks 9 20 overs) and then finished both teams off to win reasonably easily.