Tuesday, 18 April 2017

North Korea What is Happening

Before starting this I should emphasise  people on Seoul appear unperturbed about recent events.

They are used to North Korea using bellicose statements and making threats. Perhaps the USA now doing the same is simply a similar circumstance.
Just remember they are highly vulnerable to an ordinary artillery barrage or missile strike. Thousands would die!

My problem and my fear is now we have not one highly inexperienced and ignorant leader of a Country making threats. We were used to that with North Korea, We now have two of a similar ilk.

The fear emanates in two ways.
Firstly what occurs if you continually ratchet up the rhetoric. At some stage you have to match action with word.
Secondly when the air is filled with bellicose statements a mistake by an underling becomes more likely that could prove fatal.

In the past we could rest assured that even though children occupied the seats of power in North Korea at least responsible adults were in charge in the USA. Not any more.

Perhaps I should have added the one the great many faults of Trump is that he disregards policy he his disagrees with on intelligence and foreign policy issues even when there is NO evidence for it. Witness his EO on stopping refugees. moreover he doesn't learn from mistakes because he doesn't make any!
This is why this time it is different!