Sunday, 23 April 2017

France votes in the first round

We know know the two candidates for the second round of voting for the French President are Macron and Le Pen.
For the first time ever the two major parties the Socialists and the Republicans are not represented in the second round.
Macron would seem to be the favourite. all the other candidates told their followers to vote for him not Le Pen.
He also had the most sensible policy plan. He is liberal in economics which is a good thing but also in social policy. We do not know who would serve in his cabinet indeed we have no idea of how parliamentary elections will go in June. What usually occurs is that the French ensure the newly elected President has the votes in Parliament. However Macron has no political party to speak of to get this. Perhaps Obama like he hopes to get bi-partisan support for most of his measures. I do not know as I do not follow French politics that closely.  Thanks to Jim Rose here is Fruits and Votes on this very matter.

Le Pen is merely another dirigiste right wing populist. Like Trump is some always in silly policies however unlike Trump her policies do not appear to favour big business over consumers. She is bipartisan like most right wing populists, She likes to bash both. Shes does it directly on big business and indirectly on consumers.

Interesting times.

See Paul Smith's analysis, Also Nate Silver. Lets add Mabel Berezin as well

I have been chastised for not commenting on Hollande's performance. It might have been different if he actually implemented some policies he advocated during the last election.  Mind you a person who thinks says law is the answer obviously does understand the question in the first place. 'terrorist' incidents murdering people  merely exacerbated his inept performance overall.