Sunday, 4 December 2016

What ever happened to Scott Morrison?

When the Liberal ran into reality and realised Tony Abbott was leading them into political oblivion and they replaced him with Malcolm Turnbull Scott Morrison's profile rose accordingly as well.

He was seen as delivering a key number of votes and he became Treasurer and seen as the heir apparent indeed the only heir apparent.

These days it is completely different. Scott Morrison is not viewed as a competent treasurer. His predecessor Joe Hockey was seen as hapless and incompetent in this role. Morrison is seen in a similar light..

Morrison immediately blamed Hockey and Abbott for the situation he inherited although this was by implication. The Liberals got into this position because they simply did not understand the position they inherited from the previous government.Morrison follows in that tradition.

Moreover he has put himself under a lot of pressure by saying  inaccurately the government has a spending problem. He cannot cut spending to the level needed to bring about a balanced budget because of the impact on the economy however he cannot say this or does not understand this. As Wayne Swan has shown cutting nominal; spending has an affect on the economy. If the economy is not growing substantially you simply cut the speed of the economy. Obama too has shown this!

When you are bombastic and over the top in parliament you look simply ridiculous. The ALP are able to make fun of him at will.

Morrison is a very good example of the Peter Principle in action. Yet no-one , including myself, thought this when he became treasurer.

It also means the Liberals have no-one to call on if they wish to depose Turnbull.