Sunday, 11 December 2016

Malcolm Turnbull lacks guts!

Steve from Brisbane wrote about this on Friday.

What is mind blowing in all this is that an emissions intensity scheme is totally compatible with the Coalition's direct action policy.

It is not an ETS as it does not impose a price on carbon. The government gains no revenue.Why didn't Turnbull point this out to the ignorant.

The Chief Scientist supports the scheme, Australia's premier think thank supports the scheme. Industry supports the scheme yet Turnbull meekly succumbs to ignorant pressure.

As it is since the Coalition got rid of the ETS the previous Labor government had put on carbon emissions have risen as everyone knew they would.

If Turnbull cannot even explain this to anyone then he cannot do anything.


Turnbull stands for nothing. This is unfortunate. He stills thinks it was mediscare that brought the Liberal numbers down when it clearly wasn't as discusses before. He therefore cannot argue ,correctly, it was only a change of leadership that kept the Liberals in government.