Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A short note on the happenings in Germany.

The attack in Germany shows both how easy it should have been to stop it and how hard it is to know about what is coming.

Firstly after France A truck should always be checked. A dead driver in it is a give away in a a whole range of ways.  This can only be put down to police not security incompetence.  ) Merkel will get hammered heavily on this just like Holland did)  

Secondly however it is a lone wolf attack ,as most attacks 'claimed 'by ISIS are. There was no planning. No-one should be able to murder a truck driver and then drive the said truck with the murdered driver in it to a spot to kill people anywhere in Europe.
Lone wolf attacks can be easy to detect because they are so stupid  as we have found thus far in Australia or very hard to detect as little communication is involved unlike Al Qaeda's attacks used to be.  

George Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq is having a lot of ongoing repercussions. He and the idiots who supported him  like John Howard should be held to account.