Monday, 18 January 2016

My Centrelink experience

We found out late in the piece my eldest son may have a problem which emanated from his birth.

so my wife too him to the specialist.He would need to see the specialist regularly however the Specialist told us we could get a lower payment via Centrelink.

I went off to Centrelink at Top Ryde.

After waiting over an hour I eventually got to see someone.

I told her the whole story and was given some forms to fill out. My wife and I duly filled the forms out and wella a few months later more forms came in the post to fill out.

We duly did these.

More months passed and I got a reply from Centrelink. I was not eligible for the carers payment.

Strange since I didn't apply for it.

After various e-mails and umpteen attempted phone-calls ( They must have the worst service around) I eventually told them I didn't want a carer's payment merely to get the Specialist payment at a lower price via Centrelink.

I was told they were very sorry however since my son was now over 18 I couldn't get that anyway.

Thank you Centrelink.

I can believe everything about the report done into Centrelink. It is almost impossible to follow up anything or to get any sensible advice.

The inclusion of Medicare into Centrelink has made Medicare problems terrible. Previously any problems were easily and quickly dealt with by going to their office at Eastwood. now it is at Top Ryde also it is essentially impossible to do.