Sunday, 17 January 2016

Global Temperatures

This started off by frustration that Poor old Rafe a climate denier would not address the two questions on Monkton's 'work' over at Club Troppo.
The reason he wouldn't is because he couldn't address it. He has no understanding of the subject.
(Catallaxy are full of people who are just like 1950's communists. Ideology always trumps evidence!)
John Quiggin talks about it here. Tamino HERE.   Autocorrelation  plus why does Monkton use different starting points?.

2014 and 2015 have been the hottest years on record. What sort of idiot would believe wotld temperatures have paused?

On using satellites etc again we defer to Tamino.  Interesting that 'Balloon-borne thermometers aren’t the only data source for tropospheric temperature; there are also estimates from satellites. But they don’t actually measure temperature, they measure microwave brightness, from which we try to infer temperature at different levels within the atmosphere.'

And on hockey sticks

The real message is climate deniers will not engage in debate as Poor old Rafe showed.