Sunday, 17 January 2016

David Bowie, Alan Rickman and mortality

Last week saw the deaths through cancer of both David Bowie and Alan Rickman.
This hit home to me as both were only 69. They are that not older than myself.

As it is I was a fan of both. I bought all of Bowie's albums for a while because he was always different and usually pretty good. however I did get a little bit sick of him for a stage.

I first saw Alan Rickman in the Barchester  Chronicles where he played an Anglican minister of some evangelical persuasion.He was a great actor  perhaps as good as ever I have seen. He could play all parts but was really good at bad guys. I first saw him as a bad guy in the dreadful Die Hard. Who could forget him in the Harry Potter movies which I enjoyed watching with my two boys.
( I enjoyed the movies but could not read the books whilst LOTR was the complete opposite!)

He had a magnificent voice.

The great thing about both men is you can still enjoy their work now and into the future even though they have died.

The thing that struck me about both is how close to me in age they were and hence my mortality sort of magnified because of this.

I do not fear death indeed I look forward to it as any evangelical would. I have not ,touch wood, been affected by cancer as such.
Cancer really does destroy the quality of life anyone has. You become a burden to others  although of course you do not mind at all in helping those affected.

Their deaths now has me wondering how much of the lives of my two boys I will see.