Sunday, 6 September 2015

Why is Andrew Hastie a good candidate ?

I constantly hear that Andrew Hastie the liberal candidate for the Canning by-election is a very good candidate.

No-one ever follows up with reasons on why he is.

Given I am in Sydney and Canning is an electorate in Perth I simply do not know whether he is or not. It seems the implication is that because he served as a soldier with distinction  then ipso facto  he is a very good candidate. There is no correlation here. A  man or woman could serve with distinction in the defence forces  however that does not mean he or she is a very good candidate.

The only footage I have seen of him involved him saying he was a Christian but he didn't want to express his opinion on same sex marriage. That showed him to be a pretty poor candidate.. To be sure
 one can not make the case on whether he is or he is not a very good candidate on one bit  tv footage. I am certainly not.

I will be interested if anyone can provide evidence on whether Hastie is a very good candidate or not indeed if he is a better candidate then the ALP candidate.

From where I am standing it seems more people are promoting that so when the result of the Canning by-election is known then a challenge to Tony Abbott might eventuate.