Sunday, 13 September 2015

The government shoots itself in the foot.

Before I start read Mark the Ballot and of course Kevin Bonham.

The government was having a good week until Friday when the usual own goals occurred.

First we had the Daily telegraph story alleging a reshuffle was on the cards. Various people was seen as either being demoted or promoted. This was seen knowingly as either directly told by Abbott or indirectly via Peta Credlin. the denials were simply not credible. Those journalist would only write such a story if those two people were back grounding them. Abbott has used the Terror to do this constantly in the past.
Most saw this as incredibly poor politics. Leadership tensions edged quite dramatically to the surface so it is now one of the main stories of the day.
One would have to say Tony Abbott has one of the worst political tin ears of all time in politics. He does not possess a great staff which he does not recognise. Add to that he great confidence he would win an election and you are talking about a person who is quite delusional. right up there with Steve Kates!

We also had the woeful  Peter Dutton making a very poor joke about Pacific Islands and rising waters due to climate change. Dutton is symptomatic of this Government. always caught out on being 'loose with the truth'. A poor media performer.A person the punters know is a poor performer because he never answers questions . He simply repeats his mantra all the time yet  he is held in high esteem by Abbott.

Finally we had wunderkid Hastie bleating his religious beliefs were his own and not answering whether he believes in creationism.
A Christian with any nous would have answered God told us why he created the Earth and why he did so . He didn't tell us how. He might also have said a day in Genesis is not the same as now and even quoted the Apostle Peter however Hastie couldn't or wouldn't do this. One has to ask why.

I might add the ALP could win Canning very easily if they merely said if you vote ALP in Canning then Tony Abbott will no longer be Prime Minister. They will not because they want him to continue