Sunday, 27 September 2015

The only people who are disappointed in Abbott's demise are the ALP and delusional embiciles

Tony Abbott had to go.

He was most certainly go to lose the next election. All the polling said so and people don't change their mind that quickly.
He admitted to lying to journalists, He decried  backgrounding journalists but he and his office did it all the time. He dishonestly said he inherited a deficit and debt disaster despite PEFO  saying otherwise. The deficit and debt was higher when he was deposed than he won the election.

He embarrassed the nation when he told all and sundry he was going g to short front Putin.

I remember this 'decent' man laughing about John Brogden when he attempted suicide.

He was never up to the job of PM and it showed.

Shorten had his measure. His zingers whilst not being great for Shorten always showed up Abbott's limitations and weaknesses.

Only a person who is completely delusional would have wanted him to stay on as PM. Think Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt , Steve Kates.

Of course ALP supports thought Abbott was wonderful as they were odds on to win the next election.

Now it is a different kettle of fish. No Abbott and few poor performers around like Bishop, Abetz or Andrews to highlight the government's inadequacies