Monday, 14 September 2015

Tony Abbott gone

Well Tony has gone and only the delusionists are outraged. That's good.Here is an example
The Liberals were heading for electoral defeat and only an imbecile would have thought that was a good thing if you were part of the Government.
Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott had two things in common. they acted like they were still in opposition when they gained Government.Cabinet process was also not the best.

If I add to what I said yesterday not only did Abbott have a political tin ear he ( and his staff) were possibly the worst people at understanding the political implications of what they were doing.

I think the only thing I can say is thank the Lord Tony Abbott was not the PM when the GFC hit the economy.
Andrew Elder you were right. No-one should have ever doubted you.

See M0nty or The Piping Shrike.
Andrew Elder is typically devastating
A great example of delusion


Perhaps I should add I am glad that I should be able to vote for the government now. It did look like I would have to ditch my long held conviction of allowing a government two terms then voting against them.

further Update:

This man had no class at all. At least Rudd and Gillard went out with grace but Abbott he goes out with sheer hypocrisy !
This all started with a terror article which was backgrounded by either Abbott or his staff.