Monday, 16 March 2015

Parliamentary Performance

I was reading Steve from Brisbane about Joe Hockey. In reality it it my old mate Peter Martin reporting on hockey being outclassed by John  Daley of the Grattan Institute.

Peter goes onto to say Hockey never gets this in Parliament.
When the Opposition try and show a Minister is wrong they are never allowed to table the documents ( No matter what hue the government).

I am reminded of something I did with another old mate from Canberra. He said firstly Keating was masterful and then Costello was equally so in Parliament.

Each time we went to Parliament to see these 'masters' in parliament we saw huge gaffes from each.
Keating didn't understand bond yields and Costello thought an expenditure tax was a consumption tax.

Strong performances in Parliament usually means means aggressive not knowledgeable behaviour.
Talking about that Steve links an article from our favourite peroxide princess. She obviously like everyone at Catallaxy doesn't care about her reputation.